2 year warranty

(Required Filter FILTKIT400)

  • Produces pebble ice
  • Environmentally friendly R290 gas which reduces energy consumption
  • Strong door opening system, door made in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Strong stainless steel fabrication. Solid structure supported in 4 steel columns which provides easy access for service and installation as all panels can be removed separately
  • High evaporator efficiency, lower energy consumption and higher ice production
  • Smart front ventilation system
  • Stainless steel auger with resilient coating to maximise lifespan
  • Electronic control – On/Off lighted rocker switch and auto diagnostics signalling operation status and alerts
  • Height adjustable legs 105mm to 155mm
  • Supplied with 13 amp moulded plug and cable
  • Capable of operating in ambient temperature of 10 to 43 degrees
  • Supply water temperature between 5 and 38 degrees