Synergy Grill offers pioneering, award-winning technology that enables faster, energy-efficient cooking without the need for a fat tray. Its high heat atomizes fat, reducing waste and simplifying cleaning. The grill’s unique cooking process enhances food yield and flavor, while the latest Trilogy model provides temperature variability for versatile cooking options.

Key Features:

  • Innovative SMART controller for enhanced grilling control
  • Provides high heat with low energy consumption, resulting in an average electric saving of 25% and potential annual savings of up to £2000.
  • Offers quick return on investment.
  • Most cost-effective grill in the current market
  • Reduced strain on ventilation systems
  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Resistant to thermal shocks
  • Includes garnish rail and slow cook shelf
  • Faster cooking for quicker turnaround times
  • Can be placed on a refrigerated drawer without requiring a heat shield
  • Fast heat up function for quicker readiness
  • Instant atomization of fat eliminates the need for a fat tray and disposal.
  • Moister more succulent food. Includes garnish rail and slow cook shelf
  • Fat is instantly atomised – no fat tray – no fat of which to dispose
  • New SMART controller giving you more control over your grilling experience
  • Reduced strain on ventilation systems and no interlock system