The G3865 twin pan gas fryer has excellent response and recovery times which ensure caterers are able to cope with a high demand for fried food. It can produce up to 32kg chips per hour per pan, from only 15litres of oil per pan.

Individual controls mean that during quieter periods only one pan needs to be used, saving energy and oil. Another advantage of the twin pan model is that one pan can be devoted entirely to allergen free food such as gluten free.

With a temperature range of 130-190°C, this fryer has a fast-acting safety thermostat which switches the unit off if the oil temperature gets too hot.

The G3865 is supplied with two fryplates and a lid as standard.


  • Energy efficient, high performance burners
  • Pans independently controlled
  • Stainless steel hob with mild steel pans
  • Quick heat up and recovery times
  • Energy efficient as only use one pan during quieter periods
  • Robust construction to withstand busy demands

1 Yrs Parts & Labour Warranty