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What is a pop-up?….a great way test a new menu, target a different area or business ?

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Pop-up bars and restaurants are appearing all over major cities in the UK. Its a dynamic trend because they’re easy to open, not much funding needed and they offer an opportunity to experiment and be creative. And Roneford Catering can be the equipment supplier you need – let’s see why.

Pop-up restaurants and bars for one night or one week, are flourishing in various parts of the urban fabric of the metropolis -in festivals, empty spaces, houses; then disappear for a while and reappear in a new form.

Why does someone want to open a pop-up restaurant? 

We asked some of our customers why they decided to open a pop-up:

  • It is easy to open, not much paper work, not much money needed.
  • You can do extraordinary food, you can experiment and extend the way you are using your knowledge in cooking, you can be more creative.
  • You have the opportunity to “try and see how it goes” .  Actually, a pop-up is the only safe way to do that.
  • You can move around, try different areas and target different groups.

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Pop ups are fun and exciting.  They are all about entering the business “gently”, to “try and see”. Originally started as supper clubs back in the 1960s, pop-up restaurants have grown in people’s minds now, pop-ups are the place to be seen with friends for an after-work drink or a quick bite before your Saturday night session. 

Several groups of professionals or amateur cooks work as itinerant gastronomic troupes with a “repertoire” which may include creative cuisine, vegetarian, ethnic dishes or anything else imaginable.  Dynamic trend culture of the ephemeral, the fleeting, gaining ground with new suggestions for dinner functions as “here and now” experiential installations.  

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Second-hand catering equipment the first choice for pop-ups

What you really need when you are “entering” the business is affordable and adaptable equipment.  Starting from crockery and continuing with machinery, furniture.

You are there only for a certain time, so you need to find things easy, make sure your equipment is suitable (e.g.: LPG Cookers/Fryers) and of course, you don’t want to break the bank.

So why not use second-hand machinery and furniture? Why not choose professional catering crockery at very affordable prices?  Many are opting for Seconds quality crockery as you can still purchase a quality product at very competitive price. 

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Next steps in launching a pop-up

Do some research before you get started and don’t forget to compare prices. Check your Health And Safety standards, notify your local council and make sure you find the best deals.  

Be creative and take risks in your kitchen but keep it safe when it comes to selecting the right suppliers.

For further information 

Contact Roneford Catering at [email protected]  for all new and used catering equipment and crockery, ask for more info on their Pop-Up Catering Equipment available.