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How catering companies can adapt by offering takeaway or delivery services
How catering establishments can adapt by offering takeaway or delivery services Take the plunge … & takeaway! Well who would have thought we would all be in this situation today?  Yet here we are, and the show must go on, even when many customers maybe on lockdown! I found this to be a great opportunity to write a Blog for you - all our Customers and Friends out there – who could benefit from adapting
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Commercial kitchen designers
The success of a restaurant or food business can be significantly affected by the quality of the kitchen design. A carefully planned layout will inspire your team and make your kitchen run smoothly and efficiently. The design could make or break your business. So do your homework first! Roneford Catering can provide you with a Roneford Catering can not only provide you with all the tools and equipment you need but we can also help
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Pop-up bars and restaurants are appearing all over major cities in the UK. Its a dynamic trend because they’re easy to open, not much funding needed and they offer an opportunity to experiment and be creative. And Roneford Catering can be the equipment supplier you need – let’s see why. Pop-up restaurants and bars for one night or one week, are flourishing in various parts of the urban fabric of the metropolis -in festivals, empty spaces,
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Roullos Camden
Crockery is playing the leading role on our tables and it’s all about table presentation! Plates are there to enhance the food presentation and support the restaurant’s concept.   Catering Crockery trends at the moment are colourful, rustic, and full of textures.  The common thought is that food is the most important thing on the table no matter the plate, this is absolutely not true!  All of your senses have to work together and all
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