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How catering establishments can adapt by offering takeaway services

How catering companies can adapt by offering takeaway or delivery services

How catering establishments can adapt by offering takeaway or delivery services

Take the plunge … & takeaway!

Well who would have thought we would all be in this situation today?  Yet here we are, and the show must go on, even when many customers maybe on lockdown!

I found this to be a great opportunity to write a Blog for you - all our Customers and Friends out there – who could benefit from adapting your business during these challenging times.

How catering establishments can adapt and survive during the Covid-19 outbreak

Most lovers of food across the country are craving a meal and a drink at their favourite restaurant right now! But while the Covid-19 Pandemic continues, we are obliged to respect the government’s restrictions (even if they are relaxing slightly) and must continue Social Distancing to guarantee our safety, the safety of others and help get the UK back on its feet again.

However, that shouldn’t stop us looking for, and providing, some kind of normality where possible!

How catering companies can adapt by offering takeaway or delivery services How to adapt by offering takeaway or delivery services

Could you offer a reduced menu (or even full menu) to your loyal customers? Many will no doubt be craving a meal they haven’t had to cook or prepare themselves.  They could be salivating right now whilst thinking about their favourite dish! So why not take the plunge and start offering a delivery or takeaway service. It will help keep your customers loyal, pick up some new ones along the way, and help keep your staff and business in work.

Here’s some helpful tips on how to set up a delivery service without breaking the bank!

  1. Reduce your menu to make it more manageable and think about how to adapt your best-sellers to a new Take Away/Delivery version (remember portion control is key, to avoid unnecessary losses).
  2. Ensure you have the right staff in place and the necessary Cleaning equipment to regularly clean your premises.
  3. Adjust your opening hours (and days) to maximise business ; i.e later part of the week, 5 pm – 12am.  Don’t forget to add the cut off time for last orders!
  4. Create some buzz about your reopening with your Social Media – your customers are just waiting for you to open your doors.
  5. Ensure you have the necessary catering equipment needed; opt for good quality budget ranges or Second Hand catering items. Choose items that you can still use once your restaurant is fully open again.
  6. Use this situation to your advantage, add a special takeaway offer: Such as a discount for the first 100 orders.
  7. Reassure customers by demonstrating that you are doing everything you can to provide for them whilst respecting government’s guidelines.  Show the behind the scenes images of chefs using PPE and respecting the required guidelines (Gloves, Masks are an essential to reassure your clientele).  
  8. Let your customers know how they are able to pay safely and receive their food, update your Health and Safety catering signs (i.e. “Please Wait Here, to collect your delicious food”)
  9. The People that Love Food are always the best types of People, so get cooking and take pictures of your delicious creations, and then take more pictures and more videos that your customers can like and share with others!  Also encourage them to take photos and share to their friends and family.
  10. Keep messages honest and positive on your Social Media.  And thank your Customers for their continued support.


Conclusion for restaurants/bistros offering a delivery service

We hope these ideas can help you decide whether or not you can (and should) open your delivery / take away service. If you are looking for inspiration or need some more advice on how to manage that shift to takeaway and delivery services call our Sales Advisors on 020 8801 8729 or email your questions to [email protected] .

Bon Appetit!

Kristalenia Gabon

Marketing Manager/Partner Roneford Catering

How catering companies can adapt by offering takeaway or delivery services




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