The importance of a great kitchen design

The success of a restaurant or food business can be significantly affected by the quality of the kitchen design. A carefully planned layout will inspire your team and make your kitchen run smoothly and efficiently.

There are many factors to consider including

Storage  |  Different food prep areas  |  Cooklines  |  Easy service access  |  Cleaning and washing

Your kitchen must flow - all staff will need space to move around quickly and have easy access to most-used points, such as cleaning stations. Otherwise delays can occur, breakages and increased levels of stress. Roneford Catering can not only provide you with all the tools and equipment you need - we can also with your kitchen design! Check out our 5 step process process and get in contact today to discuss your needs

The 5 steps of Roneford's kitchen design process

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The Brief

Client briefs us of what their concept is, their timeline and their budget.

The Research

A member of our team will do a site visit to assess the premises, measure up and identify any issues.

The Ideation

After the research, we determine the best products and prepare your personalised quotation.

The Production

Time to discuss and exchange ideas in detail on your project, then validate your order.

The Delivery

Done! Time to receive your goods and start preparing your Launch Party!

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