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What are the latest catering crockery trends?

Roullos Camden

Crockery is playing the leading role on our tables and it’s all about table presentation!

Plates are there to enhance the food presentation and support the restaurant’s concept.  

Catering Crockery trends at the moment are colourful, rustic, and full of textures.  The common thought is that food is the most important thing on the table no matter the plate, this is absolutely not true!  All of your senses have to work together and all of them will influence our whole dining experience.

People think that chefs who want to focus entirely on the food still prefer white tableware, but things have changed.  More and more chefs are interested in unique and colourful restaurant crockery for their food creations, especially now in an era of Social Media savvy individuals.  Presentation is everything to help enhance the customers dining experience and compete with their friends on who’s going to #instafood the best restaurant pics of their most gorgeous looking meal then tweet and share it on their favourite social media platforms.

Colourful Crockery

Sea Spray Seasons by Porcelite
Sea Spray Seasons by Porcelite

Coloured  crockery  seem to gain more and more ground against Classic Whiteware.  Many chefs who want to give a more modern tone to their plates prefer colourful catering crockery.  We find them mostly in Gastro-Pubs and Cafes as well as trendy Restaurants.  Contrasting colours allows them to offer a more vibrant and slightly relaxed touch to their dining experience, brands such as Porcelite have a fab colour chart available.

Rustic and Textured plates

Rustico Impressions
Rustico Impressions

Rustic style plates and textured crockery seem to be gaining ground over standard Whiteware with new restaurant openings offering a gourmet fine dining menu.  They can help to add the “wow” factor for places that really want to stand out for their table presentation.  Brands such as Rustico Stoneware Ironstone and Impressions offer some original pieces as well as Dudson Harvest for a rustic and organic inspired menu.

What are our customers saying …

Gourmandises – Authentic French Patisserie – Cambridge

Flat Peach Treat, Gourmandises French Patisserie
Flat Peach Treat, Gourmandises French Patisserie

“In the age of social media, it is important to stand out, even more so when you run a patisserie business like us. Our desserts and pastries have to look delicious. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to the crockery we use to present them” says Corrine, owner of Gourmandises French Patisserie in Cambridge.  We are loving her awesome desert, displayed on Dudson EVO Granite Plate.

Gourmandises – Authentic French Patisserie   (see some of her tasty recipes here)

Rullos Pizzeria – Camden Town

Roullos Camden
Harvest Linen Deep Plate, Roullos Camden

Salvatore, owner of Rullos Pizzeria in London believes that crockery is playing one of the leading roles in his restaurant. “Plates should be welcoming, warm and friendly to support the concept of our restaurant which is in between the borders of casual with fine dining. This is why we pay a lot of attention to our crockery. They are there to support the idea behind our dishes. Our Italian cuisine with fresh and simple ingredients are matching perfectly with our Dudson Harvest plates”.  

Rullos Pizzeria – Camden Town

Tarshish – Wood Green 

Rustico Tray, Tarshish
Rustico Ironstone Tray

“When choosing our Rustico plates for Tarshish we were looking to break the norm of traditional Mediterranean Cuisine seemingly presented each and every time on classic white plates.  Our aim was to add a touch of finesse to our Fusion Turkish-Mediterranean dining experience “.

Tarshish – Wood Green

Combining durability along with style

Don’t forget about product durability along with style when choosing your next catering tableware.  At Roneford Catering we pay a lot of attention to the quality of the crockery brands we supply, ensuring that we offer vitrified china and even in seconds quality, we guaranty that whatever you choose it will not disappoint you.

So next time you think of plates for your establishment think of the concept first. 

Think of what your dishes are there to propose and present and think of what you want people to see and share !

For further information 

Contact Roneford Catering at [email protected]  to ask for more info about available brands  in Coloured Catering Crockery (some of which are: Dudson, Seasons by Porcelite, Rustico, Steelite, GenWare) as well as new and used catering equipment, glassware and more:  020 8801 8729  (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-5pm)  

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